Message from the Pastor

Christmas Message from the Pastor’s desk


But when the right time came, God sent his Son, born of a woman….. Gal. 4:4

Dear Friends,

Something bad has happened to America. And it’s called consumerism, it reigns. It’s what propels everything. We have seen it hijack thanksgiving. Yes, some stores have made the decision to open wide their doors all day, shop until you drop. And sadly, we watched people like puppets, pulled by the strings, dance in to spend what they didn’t have on things that they didn’t need. Yes, something bad has happened to America, and soon and very soon Christmas day will be similarly hijacked, it’s just a matter of time. How sad, that this wonderful season of hope, should be usurped by sale proclamations, 75%, 50%, 30%, 25% off!

But we know better, the facts haven’t changed. At the right time, the Almighty God came to us as a babe to live among us, to make Him who seemed far off, reachable and touchable. At the right time the Almighty God dwelt among us, so as to execute the arrangements for the redemption of the world he created. At the right time He made arrangements via the cross to give us the option, the option to move to His place when death evicts us from earth. What a marvelous prospect, God has made it possible for us to live with him, debt free, no price tag! Yes, when I think of it….., it makes me tremble with gratitude.

So beloved, let us remember this and stay focused on God’s gift of his Son. There is no greater gift that we can give to anyone than God’s gift to us, for it is the difference between eternal life with God and eternal life with the enemy of God, Satan. So, share Christ’s coming with someone who has forgotten, or who never really knew what Christmas is about. And while you are it, share the story of how he lived, how he endured the punishment and wrath which is rightfully ours, how he died and was buried, and three days later arose. Share how it is he and he alone who transports us to life with God. Share how his promises are true, that he will never leave or forsake us, when we sign up with him. When you share Christ with others you are giving them the gift of life. They can accept or reject, but they can’t say they didn’t know about the gift.

So, this Christmas, love someone enough to give them the greatest gift known to mankind. Also, let us consider ways and means to show that love to others, starting right where we are at. At home, work and play, to the stranger on the street, to the neighbor behind, front and sides of us. Let us put on love, and not just for the season but at all times, for that is how people will know our kinship to Him who lived among us. They will know us, by our love.

Now as you think on these things, may God bless you and keep you and give you His Shalom.

Pastor Philips