Communion Sunday, March 3, 2024

Liturgist: Sis. Suginia Jones/ Scripture Reader: Sis. Onesa Boden

Media Team: Tynisa Caesar, Sanville Vernon, Nevel Burnett, David Thomas, Noah Thomas, Barnet Moriah

Praise Team: Alana Chang, LaTanya Davis, Hugh Fletcher

 Organist: L. Daniel Jean /Drummer: Maurice Facey

Pastor: Dr. Andrea Smith

PRELUDE:                                                                              Organist Daniel Jean

WELCOME:                                                                                 Sis. Suginia Jones                                                                           

*CALL TO WORSHIP:                                                             Sis. Suginia Jones

  L: Lenten travelers, why are you here?

  P: We gather to do the work of worship.

 L: Lenten travelers, what happens when we gather to worship?

 P: We listen and proclaim. We sing and pray. We repent and encourage.

L: Lenten travelers, how do we do the work of worship?

P: We bring all that we are to be present to God and one another.

L: Lenten travelers, what work does God do in worship?

P: God raises us up so that we can delight in life together with God and one another.

L: Lenten travelers, come, let us worship God together!

P: Come, let us worship God together! Amen.

OPENING HYMN:                   “Trust and Obey”                               UMH# 467

OPENING PRAYER: (unison)                                                   Sis. Suginia Jones   

Holy God, in Jesus Christ, you have built for us an eternal house, a temple of righteousness, a place of gracious plenty for the hungry and abundant life for the poor in spirit. Fill us with zeal for the body of Christ. Overturn the tables of corruption and greed and upset the imbalance of injustice,so that we may worship you in spirit and truth; through Jesus Christ, who is risen indeed.

PRAISE and WORSHIP: “Change My Heart O God, As the Deer Panteth, I Won’t Go Back

SCRIPTURE READINGS:                                                        Sis. Onesa Boden

Old Testament:  Exodus 20:1-17

New Testament:  1Corth 1:18-25

The word of God for the people of God. Thanks be to God.

GLORIA PATRI:              “Glory Be To The Father”                        UMH#70  

WELCOME AND PASSING THE PEACE:                            Sis. Onesa Boden

CHURCH NOTICES:                                                                    Sis. Onesa Boden

SELECTION:                                                                                Cathedral Choir  

SERMON:                                                                                Pastor Andrea Smith

COMMUNION:                                                                                     Pgs: 7-11

HYMNS:                                                                                          UMH# 382,77

PASTORAL PRAYER:                                                     Pastor Andrea Smith    

STEWARDSHIP MOMENT:                                                                      Sis. Suginia Jones  

We welcome your offering for the blessings of the Lord. Offerings can be given to the usher, through PayPal or Zelle type in to find us or dropped off in the church office mailbox.

OFFERTORY: (MARCHING) Please turn to the window and follow the directions of the Ushers.

OFFERTORY HYMN:   “We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder”      UMH# 418                                                                       

DOXOLOGY:                            “My Tribute”                                       UMH#99

PRAYER OF DEDICATION:                                                 Sis. Suginia Jones God of power and patience, we gather in worship to wait on your presence and to be filled with your power. Jesus healed with a touch and taught us that you are the source of the true healing that can make us whole. As we take time now in worship to offer our gifts to you, we pray that they might be used to bring healing: of body, of spirit, of broken relationships; healing of a planet that is groaning under our carelessness and greed; healing of a world community that is deeply divided by distrust and self-interest. We pray this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

MISSION STATEMENT:                                                      Sis. Onesa Boden

As Disciples of Jesus Christ, our Mission is to be: 

                      Demonstrators of His Love,

                                                           Messengers of His Gospel,

                                                                                  and Sharers of His teachings.  

CLOSING HYMN:                   “Jesus Shall Reign”                            UMH# 157

BENEDICTION:                                                                   Pastor Andrea Smith

Beloved, may Jesus Christ go ahead of you this week, turning over the tables that distract and raising you up to join in the abundant life of the Triune God whose love binds us together as the Body of Christ. Amen.


Bro. Earl Alexander’s Funeral Service will be today, March 3

At Mount of Olives, SDA Church

975 Bushwick Avenue, Bklyn, NY

Viewing 3 pm-4 pm, Service is 4 pm

Repast following the service

The United Women In Faith will be meeting on Saturday, March 16th, at 3 pm.

The Trustee Board will be having a Soup Fundraiser on Sunday, March 17, after the service.

Union United Methodist Church

121 New York Avenue



On Saturday, April 27, 2024

For further information, please call

(718) 467-0458


It will take place on March 6, 2024

Time: 10 am – 2 pm

For further information, there are fliers on the table.


It will take place on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at Bethany UMC

from 10 am to 4 pm, for ages 5- 17, from 10 am to 4 pm.

For more information, contact (718) 774-5689


Meeting ID 863 850 8395

Passcode GWv25A

Call In #646 931 3860

Meeting ID 868508395

Passcode 042714

United Women In Faith

Invites you to their Luncheon Show “One Slight Hitch” on Saturday, September 21, 2024, at The Hunterdon Hills Playhouse NJ.

Cost per Person: $135.00 Deposit: $30.00

Attn: All Members, your financial statements for 2023 are available. Please inform your class leader or any member of the finance team how you would like to receive your statement (email, in person, or mailed). Thank you

The Pastor will stay at the altar after morning service for anyone wanting personal prayer

Sick and Shut In List

Thelma Martin718-251-2903
Emily Isles718-346-0817
David & Eastlyn Welch718-774-3955
Pauline OsborneNursing Home
Francis McKenon718-434-6918
Grace Gyimah917-334-7105
Enid Mason718-771-4059
Sandra Dubois718-774-4836
Jean Best718-778-4179
Amelia Cooper347-406-7270
Hertence Drew718-467-4021
Hilda Dyce718-251-6351
Pinkney Headley718-342-1056
Julita Jermin718-968-0374
Sybil Nation718-756-2482
Noel Luckain718-451-5114
Joyce Thompson718-649-6550
Sydney Campbell347-204-0850
Queenie Power917-257-0910
Daphne JohnNursing Home
Una Wickham718-773-8645
Silvine Moore718-363-1091
Ucina Craigg718-467-4767
Reginald Lawrence347-792-0159
Caroline Nanton917-789-0722
Carmen Headley718-735-4189
Veronica Jackson934-867-9373
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